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Our goal at Mobile Rugged Computers is to provide you with the perfect customizable rugged technology solution that fits your needs. We are problem solvers and enjoy working with our partners to determine which rugged technology provides the best solution for you and your market. By partnering with the best rugged technology companies, we provide top of the line rugged technology because you deserve nothing less than the best. Mobile Rugged Computers brings years of experience and insight to all markets including but not limited to: public safety, construction, oil and gas, distribution, manufacturing, utilities, healthcare, and military.  


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You want to do business with a top notch company that offers great prices. Luckily for you we provide the best of both worlds. 

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We stay on top of our orders to make sure you receive your product quickly and accurately. We're with you from the beginning to the end!

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Give us your most pressing necessities and we'll ensure we give you a product that meets your demands according to your industry. We make sure we ask "how will these computers be used?" and "what features are important to you?" When we know the details of the intended usage, we can recommend the best solution for you.

The Complete Package

Rugged Laptop? No problem. Rugged Handheld? We've got you. Vehicle Mounts? No worries! At Mobile Rugged Computers, we are the complete package. We recognize that most rugged devices need additional rugged accessories, mounts, printers and communications. We help our costumers find the best package deal for complete effectiveness in their market. 


What's Rugged?

Rugged technology is technology that is built to withstand and operate in extreme conditions. It is often used across many industries to streamline efficiencies and reduce costs in the field in which consumer grade technology wouldn't be able to operate effectively. There are three specific levels of rugged technology: semi-rugged, fully-rugged, and ultra rugged. The level is determined by the technology’s ability to survive drops, dust, vibration, immersion, and extreme conditions. The rugged design is not limited to the external casing, but it also includes the internal components and cooling functions as well. Most will find rugged computers, tablets, handhelds and other devices being used in the fields of public safety, field service, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, oil and gas, construction and other equally harsh environments.


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